The Crisis of Values in America podcast w/ Rick Sapio

In this episode, Gino Barbaro and Rick Sapio discuss how choosing between opportunities and values can make all the difference in one’s life. Both Gino and Rick have been very successful entrepreneurs founding and running multiple businesses worth millions, and they both believe that it is values-based decisions that have helped them grow in life. They discuss several scenarios and examples where they found how a short-term, opportunistic mindset can ruin the long-term prospects of one’s professional and personal lives.

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction to Rick Sapio

00:52 Why values over opportunities

01:27 Why figuring out your PURPOSE & VALUES is so critical

03:18 What is Gino’s top value

04:02 When you should trust your gut

06:09 ‘Opportunities’ is short-term play while ‘Values’ is a long-term mindset

07:29 How opportunities-based decisions can go wrong

09:30 Using a Catalyzing Statement to Transform Your Future. Watch Rick’s Ted Talk:

11:22 Entrepreneur in every home

13:19 Volvo: A case in point

14:55 Purpose Statement, Catalyzing Statement and Mission Statement

Listen to this interesting podcast – this may help you evolve your Purpose and Value statement.

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