The Empowered Wife [Book Review]

Is your marriage in trouble? Would you like to strengthen your relationship with your spouse? New York Times best-selling author Laura Doyle found herself at a crossroad in her marriage years ago, and sought help from women who had been happily married for years. The result: A six-step framework to reinvigorating your marriage.

In this article, we will be exploring Laura’s book The Empowered Wife, a book that focuses on your desires, and, in the author’s eloquent words, transforms your own life. Laura is know as the worl’s most trusted relationship coach with over 15,000 marriages renewed and reinvigorated.

Let’s dive into the six intimacy skills!

Finding Inspiration Through Self-Care

The journey begins with self-care, emphasized as the first skill. Laura suggests practicing self-care at least three times daily. The author acknowledges the initial challenge but highlights the importance of prioritizing your well-being. Self-care can encompass various aspects – mental, spiritual, and physical. Examples include stretching, journaling, prayer, and meditation.

Expressing Desires without Demands

The second skill focuses on healthy communication. She advises expressing your desires clearly but avoiding demands. This can be achieved by stating your wishes without dictating the outcome. For instance, instead of demanding to go to the State Fair, you could express your desire to attend it with your spouse.

The Importance of Respectful Communication

Laura emphasizes the importance of respecting your partner. She provides tips for better listening, including avoiding interruptions or offering unsolicited advice. Additionally, acknowledging your partner’s decisions and apologizing for disrespect are highlighted.

Releasing Control and Fostering Trust

Letting go of control is another crucial skill. The book suggests recognizing the fear behind the need to control and acknowledging that unexpected situations are inevitable. Laura introduces the concept of “staying on your own paper,” which means focusing on your responsibilities and trusting your partner to handle theirs.

The Art of Receiving

Laura emphasizes the feminine quality of receiving. This includes accepting compliments, gifts, help, and apologies graciously. The act of receiving allows you to appreciate your partner’s efforts and fosters a positive dynamic.

Vulnerability: The Pathway to Deeper Connection

The fifth skill delves into vulnerability. She encourages open communication with your partner, expressing your true feelings without fear of rejection. This can involve admitting your hurt instead of defending yourself and allowing yourself to cry instead of masking emotions with anger.

Refocusing Your View for a Positive Outlook

The book concludes with a teaser for the sixth skill, “Refocusing Your View for a Positive Outlook”.

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