WBP – Active or Passive Investing with Jake & Gino


Another one-on-one podcast with Jake and Gino! This time the guys talk both active and passive investing. Gino gets into the 8 Step Due Diligence framework and Jake gets a boat!


The Rundown

How To Vet A Deal
Spousal Support
Financial Intelligence
Stock Market
Life of Abundance
Time Freedom
Follow the Framework
Tax Benefits
8 Step Due Diligence
Vetting A Sponsor
Limited Partnership
Team Members
Investment Strategy
Risk Tolerance
Changing Behavior
Generational Wealth
Buy & Hold
Transactions Pay The Bills
Equity Makes You Rich
Market Analysis
Preferred Return
Splits & Fees
Everything Is Negotiable
Pontoon Boat
Proper Preparation
Property Management


Lean In

People, Systems, Culture


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