WBP – Organization and Foundation with Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor has been involved in real estate since 2006. He has purchased, renovated and
flipped over $52 million dollars of class C apartments; he has raised over $1 million from private
investors, he has his commercial real estate brokers license in NC; and he has authored several
books on real estate. He’s had amazing successes and epic failures and learned more from his
failures than his successes.

After years of struggling to keep all of the balls in the air, he learned that there are laws and
processes that, when implemented, will deliver the desired results.
Nathan is committed to enjoying a true balance between working hard and enjoying life. He is
married to his best friend and they have a busy young daughter that keeps them on the go. His
hobbies (Yes, hobbies!) include shelling deserted islands, building furniture, raising toys for
ChristmasToyDrive.com, reaching inner city kids with The Story Bible, and cultivating his
personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Throughout this podcast, Nathan describes his personal journey and what has kept him going
throughout it. He emphasizes that without balance work is hollow and goes into detail of that
statement. Jake and Gino ask questions, diving into the aspects of Nathan’s values.
Nathan has been a featured guest on Fox News, Fox and Friends, Laura Ingraham, Glenn
Beck, C-Span, and various other radio and TV programs. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in
Psychology from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College and his Master’s degree in Public Policy
from Regent University. He is also a member of the John Maxwell Team.

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