WBP – The Honey Bee Part 2 with Jake & Gino

the honey bee

The guys talk their second book, The Honey Bee, out now at jakeandgino.com/honeybee.

The Honey Bee is a business parable that teaches the value of cultivating multiple streams of income—the surest, most achievable means of creating generational wealth.

The Honey Bee tells the story of Noah—a disappointed, disaffected salesman who feels like his life is going nowhere until the day he has a chance encounter with a man named Tom Barnham, the beekeeper. In his charming, down-home way, Tom the “Bee Man” teaches Noah and his wife Emma how to grow their personal wealth using the lessons he learned from his beekeeping passion.

Full of concrete lessons delivered through chapter after chapter of engaging vignettes, each of which includes actionable advice for new or aspiring entrepreneurs. Workbook-style sections at the end of each chapter help bring the lessons home, including questions to help you apply the lessons to your own business, and links to rich digital resources for even more information on how to get started creating your own multiple streams of income.


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