WBP – The Right Investors Always Self Select with Corey Peterson


As the owner of Kahuna Investments, Corey strives to provide his investors with stable cash flow returns and long-term capital appreciation by buying multi-family apartments. Corey has managed and acquired over $65 million in real estate across the country. He is the bestselling author of ͞Why The Rich Get Richer – The Secrets to Cash-Flowing Apartments͟ and host of the Multi-Family Legacy Podcast. He speaks around the country on this subject including at Harvard and Nasdaq. Corey is frequently featured on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC affiliates.

He speaks with us about metrics, Murphy’s Law and perspective.




The Rundown

Atlanta Bootcamp
Money or Deals
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Raising Money
Self Selection
Overcoming Intimidation
Limiting Beliefs
Where to Start
Blue Ocean
Customer Experience
Investor Portal
Building Trust
Hand-written Notes
Making Mistakes
Commit First
Market Selection
Student Housing
Murphy’s Law
Sellers Coma
Performance Clauses
Due Diligence
Certainty Over Terms
Moving the Goalpost
Trust But Verify
Mistakes = Experience
Habits for Success
Slow Play
Team Sport
Knowing Your Partners
Moral Compass
Defining Roles
Book Recommendations


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