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WBP – Your Time Is Valuable with Steven Griffith

Steven Griffith is an author, speaker, researcher and performance expert considered one of the leading authorities on the connection between time, productivity and performance.
For over 25 years, Steven’s expertise has lead him to be a trusted advisor and coach to successful CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Professional and Olympic Athletes , Entertainment Professionals and Large and Small organizations to perform at their optimal level.

His newest book to be released in 2019 by McGraw Hill, The Time Cleanse: A Proven System To Eliminate Wasted Time, Realize Your Full Potential, And Reinvest In What Matters Most, provides a strategic and effective approach to changing our relationship to time, allowing organizations and individuals to close performance gaps and realize their full potential. Based on thousands of client engagements over two decades with CEO’s, top executives, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, military leaders, celebrities and organizations around the world, Griffith’s Time Cleanse is the first wellness solution in the world that both “adds time to your life, and life to your time” while increasing performance, reducing stress and improving mindfulness on what matters. Steven Griffith speaks with Josh and Gino about the concept of Timefulness, where the most time is wasted and how to reclaim that time in the name of performance. “Get Steven’s Master Class on Time Free When You Order The Time Cleanse!” www.stevengriffith.com/master-class https://www.stevengriffith.com/wheelbarrow/

The Rundown

Closing Gaps
Not Enough Time
What’s Your Relationship with Time?
Performance vs Time
Missing Moments
Speed Multitasking
Time Investments
Getting Your Time Back
Phone Use
Time Cleanse
Negotiating Time
Document Agility
Interval Training
Calendar Everything
Be Honest With Yourself
Finding That 25th Hour
You Can’t Have It All
Being Relevant
Time Freedom
Book Recommendations
Action Steps

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