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MFZ – Working With Your Spouse with Sanja Hatter

Welcome to the Multi-FAMILY zone podcast, where business meets family. The hosts of the show, Julia and Gino Barbaro, have been married for over twenty years, and have six children.


Julia homeschools the children, and recently became a marriage and life coach to help couples become better communicators and help enrich their lives.  The couple is constantly asked about how they balance their entrepreneurial & real estate journey while raising their kids. The Multi-FAMILY zone was created to address these questions, along with a host of questions from the Jake & Gino community.


In this episode, we feature Sanja Hatter. She is a mom, wife, and the co-founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, the #1 rated conference for entrepreneurs on earth. She is an expert in initiating, nurturing and maintaining relationships. Sanja loves to teach the 4 pillars of what creates a Thriving Woman: Beauty, Confidence, Wisdom and Community. She also loves sharing how she gets the attention of influencers you “can’t reach”, creating win-win scenarios to create true lasting relationships.


We are often asked “What events would you recommend I attend?” Well this is one for the ladies that our team highly recommends you make a priority. If you’re a husband/boyfriend, although this event wasn’t created for you, you’ll want to keep reading. It’s no secret that women entrepreneurs/investors are BOOMING, but sadly there aren’t a ton of communities and events specifically designed for women…until now.


Sanja Hatter is a good friend of ours and we are so proud to share she has created the first ever Thrive Ladies’ Academy. This event is the all new sister-hood that the female entrepreneur community needs. There are 100 women coming together to learn, network, and grow. The funniest part is Sanja chartered a yacht, this event is taking place on the water! Women, if this is the year you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, you’ll want to be there. Gentlemen, if you want your significant other to show up with more confidence, support you more in your career/business, and have resources that will support her on her journey, you will want to get her on the boat.


What are you waiting for ladies?


Click here for more info on Thrive Ladies!


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