Students Discuss Their Real Estate Investing Learning Experience

11 January 2023

Breaking Down IRR in Real Estate

By Ryan Voccia (J&G Student Since March 2020) If you invest $50,000 into a real estate deal that goes on to produce $90,000 of income

19 June 2022

Creating A Sweat-equity Based Real Estate Investment Company

Hello, my name is Chad Kastel, and I’d like to tell my story of creating a sweat-equity based real estate investment company and strategy

2 June 2022

Mindset Is Everything

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” ~unknown Today we talk mindset. If you have heard any of my podcast

31 December 2021

Two Surprising Statistics Around Goal Setting

By Matthew Damon As we walk into the New Year, many of us are beginning to reflect back on the prior year accomplishments, areas

6 December 2021

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Real Estate

By Vince Scolari, Principal – Laurence Rose Capital I’m often asked about the best way for someone to get started in real estate investing

23 November 2021

5 Challenges to Overcome When Investing in Multi-Family

Often when we think about multi-family real estate investing, we think about all the “shiny” aspects of it: the scalability, the ability to invest

15 November 2021

Why You Hate Your Job and What You Can Do About It

By Elisa Zhang If you’re like 50% of the US workforce, then you’ve said you’re unhappy with your job at some point in your

14 November 2021

Is Apartment Investing Worth It?

By Bernard Pierson Investing in apartments can be a great way to diversify, generate income, enjoy tax benefits, and create equity through appreciation. All these

18 October 2021

The Role of a Sponsor in Multifamily Syndication

By Tony Castronovo What inspires you? Where do you draw your energy from when things are not going as you might have hoped? As

12 October 2021

How Do Limited Partners In A Syndication Get Back Their Initial Capital

By Joel Heck One of the most important responsibilities for a sponsor in a syndication is protecting their investors’ capital. The business plan for a

6 October 2021

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

By Yosef Hyunseong Lee To my busy W2 professional friends out there. What is your investment goal? (I know you are busy but just spare

15 March 2021

How To Analyze Cap Rates in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

By Kartheek Mulpuri Whenever I speak with potential limited partners with a basic level of understanding about commercial real estate, “cap rate” will inevitably…

13 February 2021

What Do You Want from Life?

Is there any last thought you want to leave with our listeners? Earlier this week I was on a great podcast with two heavy-hitting…

25 January 2021

Why Partnering Is A Must In Multifamily Real Estate

The Challenges of Multifamily Real Estate There are many challenges that a new real estate investor faces when starting their journey. So many questions…

20 January 2021

Who Is Rich? Who Is Not?

By Emma & Tristan Tully When I was six years old, I remember enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of…

16 December 2020

How to Approach a Commercial Broker

RE stands for Relationships, not Real Estate. Multifamily investing is a people game. Of course, there is a significant amount of education, capital, and…

6 December 2020

Student Spotlight: What You Do With Your $30k COVID Wedding Refund

By Emma & Tristan Tully March 12th, 2020 President Trump appeared on national television to announce that travel to and from Europe would be…

17 November 2020

Student Spotlight: Being Committed and Taking Action

By Timothy Lyons Study hard and get a good job. Max out your 401k. Buy a house, as it will be your biggest asset. Limiting…

27 October 2020

How To Build Out A Thought Leadership Platform For Your Multifamily Business

Multifamily Syndications are all the rage. You don’t have to wander very far out into the digital wilderness to find somebody shouting at the…

15 July 2020

How Will Multifamily Owners Have to Adapt in Order to Thrive Post Covid-19?

By Derek Loda, Jake & Gino Student since 2019 There is a vast array of uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s affects…

30 June 2020

7 Biggest Learning Lessons From Investing In Our First Rental Property

By Greg And Rachel Schwartz, Jake and Gino Members since 2019 We’ve learned a lot since jumping into real estate full time. After 9…

3 July 2019

Start Building Your Dream & Own Your Story

By Jadde Rowe, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “This is my two-week notice.” I could not believe these words were coming from my mouth after a successful two-year career as a young recent University graduate. I remember calling my mom on the way home asking, “Do you trust me, do you care about me, do you […]

Start Building Your Dream & Own Your Story

By Jadde Rowe, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “This is my two-week notice.” I could not believe these words were coming from my…

18 June 2019

My First Real Estate Equity Raise in Retrospect

By Gwyeth Smith, Jake & Gino member since 2019 “Congratulations, you can now take possession of Brooklawn Apartments.” There was no hiding the smile…

30 April 2019

5 Things Quitting (One) of My Jobs Allowed Me To Do

By Aaron Nelson, Jake & Gino member since 2018 At 4 pm on Friday, April 12, I turned off my company-provided laptop and let out a big sigh of relief. Three weeks prior, I had put in notice to resign from my 40 hour per week W2 job as a pharmacist, and my last day…

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