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How Jake and Gino apply the basic ideas around Napoleon Hill's boo

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Acquire Wealth

As I was rereading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across a fantastic method of training your mind to acquire money.The accumulation of money in our society has become a frowned upon achievement by many, but as I have grown older, I know that this type of thinking has become destructive to our […]

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investment strategy

Finance Right, The third pillar of the Wheelbarrow Profits investment strategy.

Now that you’ve purchased your property correctly and are managing right, its time to secure long-term financing. This is the final leg of the strategy and will help secure your investment for years to come.

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How You Can Use Creative Financing to Create Wealth

One of the most popular questions that I get from my students is “Where do I get money for the down payment?” In this article, I am going to discuss one strategy we employ to find that elusive down payment: Owner Financing. Owner financing is confusing to many newbie investors, as well as seasoned investors. […]

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Real Estate

A Powerful Formula Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Use to Create Wealth

There are dozens of formulas that real estate investors use every day to analyze their deals, such as cash on cash return, or cap rates, but none are as important or compelling as Napoleon Hill’s formula: Q1+Q2+MA=C Let me define each variable for you and discuss why I believe this formula will lead you to […]

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Multifamily Investing

The Critical Role of Partnerships in Multifamily Investing

In the Time For Action Tuesday, Jake and Gino share with you the benefit of having solid partnerships in your investing business and how to make them work for growing your wealth. Don’t go it alone, learn some of their stories and how you can acquire partnerships that will help you hit your investment goals.

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How To Network With a Banker When Buying Multifamily Apartments

In Interview with Michael Saporito, Mountain Commerce Bank Learn how to build long term, profitable relationships with one of the key players in your multifamily investing business. In this podcast, Jake and Gino allow you an in depth interview with First Vice President of MCB, Michael Saporito. Also, learn how a well designed credibility kit […]

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