Recommended Reading: Best Real Estate Investment Books

Knowledge is an important part of your journey, and one of the best ways to learn real estate is with a good book. Our real estate investing book reviews go through some of the best-selling real estate books out there, letting you know if they’ll help you on your way, or if they’ll just be a waste of your time.

Good advice can be pretty hard to come by, but with our real estate book reviews, you won’t have trouble finding it. We know good real estate investment advice when we see it, so you can trust that we’re only going to recommend the best.

The War of Art & Turning Pro [Book Review]

Resistance.  Your chest tightens up and your level of energy drops just by reading that one word. Resistance is responsible for countless people quitting…
The War of Art

Flip The Script [Book Review]

In my experience, it is difficult for a sequel to deliver more value or have more of an impact than the original.  You usually…

Know Can Do!

How You Can Make Education * Action = ResultsA Reality In Your Life One of the huge mysteries for most coaches and teachers is “Why does one student excel with the education provided, while another student struggles and loses interest in the subject?” After reading Know Can Do, I am a lot closer to understanding how…