Recommended Reading: Best Real Estate Investment Books

5 August 2023

“The Psychology of Money” By Morgan Housel

In a world where our relationship with money shapes our aspirations, dreams, and even our identities, “The Psychology of Money” peels back the layers of complexity surrounding financial decisions.  Have you ever stopped to think of the relationship you have with money? Or sat down with your spouse or significant other and asked them their […]

21 July 2021

The 5 Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace

When I was first introduced to the 5 Love Languages, I was a bit skeptical. My initial instinct was, “Isn’t being a good provider

8 July 2021

The War of Art & Turning Pro

Resistance. Your chest tightens up and your level of energy drops just by reading that one word. Resistance is responsible for countless people quitting…

9 June 2021

The 5 Love Languages The Secrets to Love That Lasts

By Gino Barbaro We are all taught the Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you here…

26 April 2021

Covert Cows And Chick-Fil-A® By Steve Robinson

By Gino Barbaro When Jake recommended that I read Covert Cows by Steve Robinson, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jake often recites that we…

4 February 2021

Gino Barbaro Reviews ‘Creative Cash’ – A Book Authored By Bill Ham

This is arguably one of the timeliest real estate books to come to the market in years. We are in a transitioning economic market,…

20 May 2020

Flip The Script

In my experience, it is difficult for a sequel to deliver more value or have more of an impact than the original. You usually…

19 May 2020

Influence: Science & Practice

Why does it seem as if some people have a greater level of influence over others? You’ve met those moms and dads out there…

29 April 2020

Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff

Being a father of six children, I am constantly being pitched to throughout the day, and I have to admit, I do a lot…

7 April 2020

Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss

Every once in a while, you pick up a book and have doubts about the value that it will deliver to you. I was…

8 May 2019

Know Can Do!

How You Can Make Education * Action = ResultsA Reality In Your Life One of the huge mysteries for most coaches and teachers is “Why does one student excel with the education provided, while another student struggles and loses interest in the subject?” After reading Know Can Do, I am a lot closer to understanding how…

27 November 2018

Never Lose A Customer Again By Joey Coleman

Customer service is often overlooked in the mom and pop business, and my restaurant in New York was no exception. If I had read…

21 February 2018

The Go-Giver By Bob Burg & John David Mann

One of the huge benefits of hosting a weekly podcast is that you are able to ask successful entrepreneurs what books have had a…

1 February 2018

Millionaire Success Habits with Dean Graziosi

If you are investing in real estate, chances are that you have heard the name Dean Graziosi. Dean has been investing in real estate…

14 December 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Tax Free Wealth By Tom Wheelwright

Tax Free Wealth: A must read for all business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand tax laws and utilize them to their advantage.…

3 November 2017

The One Thing By Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

I was introduced to the book The One Thing by a fellow entrepreneur who was a guest on our podcast. I am always on…

20 September 2017

The Millionaire Fastlane By MJ DeMarco

Have you ever started reading a book that made you feel uncomfortable and pushed you to reassess your business or your life? When I…

19 September 2017

The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs By Hal Elrod and Cameron Herold

I was introduced to the Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs from a highly successful podcast guest, and I wasted no time in ordering my copy.…

23 August 2017

Wealth Can’t Wait By David Osborn and Paul Morris

David and Paul have teamed up to write the book Wealth Can’t Wait to share their decades of wealth building experience with any entrepreneur…

22 July 2017

The ABCs Of Real Estate Investing By Ken McElroy

If you are seriously considering to transition into multifamily investing, the first book you should read is The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy.…

10 February 2017

Unconventional Wealth

Mike’s book resonated with me on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. His journey and mine have taken similar paths,…

24 January 2017

Afformations: The Miracle of Positive Self Talk By Noah St. John

Noah St. John, known for inventing Afformations, is another example of a person who turned disappointment and failure into triumph and success. He was…

12 January 2017

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill published his amazingly popular book back in 1937, and the message is just as relevant today as it was back then. It…

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