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My Advice To Those Thinking About Giving Up

Do you ever find yourself stuck, with thoughts of doubt and anxiety creeping in? Don’t know what the next step is? This is a perfect description of how I was feeling during the first two years of my investing career with Jake. We were excited to begin buying apartments, but had no idea what we […]

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A Roadmap For Buying Your Next Apartment

When I made the jump to multifamily investing, I was unsure of the steps I needed to take to get into my first deal. I was very familiar with buying single-family homes, but fear and doubt was building inside me just at the thought of buying a multifamily property. The objective of this article is […]

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A Letter To My 30 Year Old Self

As I approach my first year since “retiring” from my restaurant business, I decided to reflect back and analyze the path I took to reach my current state of affairs. Although I have only a couple of regrets, the ones that I do have are huge. My motivation in writing this article is to illustrate […]

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Multifamily Real Estate

The Steps I Took To Owning 674 Multifamily Real Estate Units

I wish I could say that I woke up one morning and God had bestowed upon me 674 units. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. The farmer can’t expect a crop in the summer if he doesn’t plant seed in the spring. The builder can’t complete a house unless he starts off with a set […]

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Negotiation Techniques

9 Negotiation Techniques To Help You Close The Deal

Two of the biggest myths in business are: “He or she was a born negotiator” and my favorite “That guy is a natural born salesman“.  What a crock! That is taking away all the sweat and tears these professionals have dedicated to mastering their craft.  These business skills can ALL be learned, and eventually the […]

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Four Energy Blocks

What Are The Four Energy Blocks And How Are They Holding You Back

The goal of an IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence) coach is to have a complete understanding of what a client wants, what is blocking them and why.  This article is going to focus on what those blocks are and how to break through these barriers. A block is simply anything that hinders you, and it […]

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Real Estate

How To Successfully Negotiate Your Next Real Estate Deal

One of the keys to a successful life is your ability to negotiate and convey your “side of the story” to others.  I learned this vital lesson from my six children.  It appears that the younger they are, the better or more successful they are at negotiating.  I am not sure if it has to […]

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Common things to avoid when buying apartments

How You Can Avoid Our 13 Biggest Mistakes, Part

Entrepreneurs will tell you that they learn more from their mistakes than their successes.  My definition of an entrepreneur is a person who has earned enough money to pay for his own mistakes (I fall in that category).  We have found it incredibly helpful to reflect upon our mistakes so that we can learn from […]

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Apartment Complex

How To Buy Your First Twenty-Five Unit Apartment Complex

“You gotta walk through the Courtyard to get to the Hammond” In the winter of 2013, Jake and I purchased our first multifamily property, a twenty-five unit with tons of “potential”. It had taken us two solid years of rejection and negativity to get to this point. We felt as if a weight had been […]

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Real Estate

The Seven Steps To Success In Real Estate, Part 3

In the second ARTICLE, I laid out the next three steps to achieving success in real estate.  My goal here is to dive into the final three steps: Submit, Due Diligence and Take Responsibility.  Let me recap the Seven Steps (actually, I included Take Responsibility as an extra step). Educate Pick a market Niche Network […]

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